A collaborative project with Coffee Kang 

The series expresses the idea of taking something out of the mind. Each set contains one portrait and one small-scaled installation, respectively featuring a vacuum hose on the participant’s forehead, and an object that is smashed and vacuumed.

We’ve conducted a simple interview with the participants, and also asked them to provide an object that reminds them of something they would rather forget in their past. During the portrait shooting, we asked them to really vacuum their forehead at the same time think about that particular thing they want to remove. Then we had them smash it, or deconstruct it in any other way. Finally, we vacuumed the pieces and collected them after they had been removed from the vacuum cleaner.

The combined image and object reveal the concept of vacuuming the memory they want to eradicate tangibly, but leave out the action of the participants destroying the objects. The ambiguity created by this gap allows the viewers to start wondering about the undisclosed story of the person and the shattered object, and then create their own narrative. It provides a fictitious situation that leaves a secret space between the photographed people and the public.